Client Testimonials

My husband and I have been working with Midori and her staff for many years. We have always found her to be very accommodating to our needs. She has made every effort to meet with us at times that are best suited for our schedules. She has been helpful and patient in explaining all possibilities for our investing options and has provided us with both verbal and graphic reports on our investments. Midori has provided excellent and very timely service to us and has gone well beyond the call of duty in all of her dealing with us. We would highly recommend Midori and her helpful and friendly staff. - Miriam 

I am pleased to speak of my experience with Tracey Rompain at IPC. i am not a money person and was really struggling with whether or not my husband and i were investing and managing what money we had been saving. Tracey offered great advice and support for what we currently had.and how it could be managed easier. After our consult I felt more at ease about who was managing our money. I recommend her to all my friends. Thanks for being so knowledgeable. - Candi and Rocky 

Midori has been my Financial Planner since she started with IPC. I always enjoy our interactions. Midori explains financial options clearly and effectively helps me make decisions about how to maximize my investments while minimizing risk. Her integrity in business, personal relationships and social responsibility has always impressed me. Her guidance has been invaluable to me through my career and now that I'm retired I depend on her advice to help me enjoy this chapter of my life. - Terri 

Midori has helped me invest my money in secure and comfortable investments. She has also helped me plan my estate so that everything will be easy for my children when I die. The staff at IPC Investments has also been extremely helpful when I have a question. I recommend Midori to anyone who is thinking of making investments. - Colleen 

The professionals at IPC have advised 3 generations of my family. Through caring for elderly parents, estate planning, retirement planning and the needs of a young, growing family they have helped us with all of it with tact and professionalism. In this day and age where there are so many untrustworthy people it is comforting to be able to pick up the phone with complete confidence, knowing that my problems will simply melt away in their hands. - Sue 

I would like to give a glowing testimonial re our dealings with IPC over the years. In particular, Tracey Rompain has gone the extra mile taking care of our affairs. We trust her explicably and feel so fortunate to have her manage our portfolio. She leaves us worry free to enjoy our remaining years while she takes care of everything. We cannot recommend her enough. - Barb and Bill 

We have always found Midori to be very professional with our business dealings, very friendly and helpful with any investment advice we need. We have always considered her as an honest person. Always someone at the office to talk to if she is not there. Office staff are super friendly. We are very happy with IPC service, thank you. - Anne & Terry 

IPC's Midori Hillis has managed my retirement income and investment portfolios steadily through the fluctuating market economy for many years. As a client I appreciate her accessibility; her investment solutions to meet my short and long term needs, and her attentiveness to my file. Midori has managed my portfolio extremely well, in my opinion, instilling trust and relieving me of financial concerns I might otherwise have had. My association with IPC has given me the gift of peace of mind. - Elaine 

Charlie and I want to expressly say thank you for the role you play in assuring our financial security and the excellent service you have provided us over the past number of years. You are not only responsive to our requests for personal service when we have specific needs or questions, but are pro-active in reviewing our accounts in response to market adjustments. You have given us invaluable advice about protecting our investments for our later years allowing us to enjoy life today and tomorrow. It is a comfort to know that with you we have a worry-free future. We would also like to express our appreciation for the professional, yet friendly office staff. It is always a pleasure doing business with you and your team! – Nancy 

When my financial planner retired for health reasons, he confidently and thoughtfully put me in the care of the Weigolds, from whom I enjoyed amazing service which, I often suspected, was over and above what the value of my investments deserved. Midori Hillis inherited me in due course, and soon became a friend. Our friendship, however, has never stood in the way of very professional service from her. I can recommend IPC for conscientious and helpful service without hesitation. - Phonyin 

"My wife and I had been getting financial advice from several big name institutions for over 20 years prior to switching to IPC. Although we had accumulated some wealth over those years, our investments were under-achieving compared to average gains. Midori Hillis became our first proper “Certified Financial Planner” in 2006. We chose Midori via a recommendation from her mother, who had worked with my wife. Almost immediately, our financial affairs improved beyond all our expectations.

Midori’s breadth of knowledge in all aspects of her profession allowed us to create financial portfolios designed to withstand economic pressures of any kind. Her advice was not limited to RRSP’s and retirement planning. She helped us set up education funds for our children, she provided essential estate advice, and she offered referrals for tax preparations and legal advice.

In all honesty, my investment portfolio was floundering prior to changing to IPC. Even though I had built a modest fund for retirement, there was no proper planning taking place. My portfolio lacked diversification. My portfolio did not take my investment profile into account.

Midori customized my portfolio based on my investment comfort zone for risk. She managed things so expertly, when the entire world suffered an economic downturn in 2008, the amount my portfolio value declined was a fraction of the Canada-wide average. The recovery since then has been outstanding.

Midori was invaluable to us when we had to get my wife’s financial affairs in order due to her terminal illness. Midori handled everything so completely, and so professionally, and with genuine compassion. My wife was comforted to know she didn’t have to worry about her financial affairs. She was very grateful for all of Midori’s help.

Before IPC, I had a very ordinary financial portfolio that most certainly would have suffered a huge reduction in value in 2008. Planning was comprised of a one-hour meeting once a year to sign some forms to stay the course. With Midori, top priorities include planning a long-term financial strategy and communicating with clients. Several meetings have taken place over the years to go over my portfolio in detail, and to plan for the future based on my needs, and my children’s needs.

I trust Midori without reservation. Thanks to her management of my financial affairs, I am now retired. I thought my need for financial planning advice might diminish after retirement, but that is not the case. Midori continues to manage my portfolio to ensure my financial stability for the rest of my life. I could not be more impressed with Midori’s efforts on my behalf. Midori Hillis is the consummate professional Certified Financial Planner. IPC earns my highest possible  recommendation." - Chris