Serious Illness

Contracting a serious illness or disease can be devastating for both your emotional and financial health. If you find yourself unable to work due to failing health, you may be unable to pay for basic needs or necessary medical care, adding stress about money to worries about your health.

Critical illness protection is designed to alleviate some additional expenses should you find yourself facing a life-threatening health problem. Unlike income replacement coverage, critical illness plans pay a lump sum tax-free benefit to be used as needed upon diagnosis of an approved illness.

The use of this benefit is completely up to you. It can be used for out-of-town family members to visit, house cleaners, medical treatments, medical equipment, home repairs/modification, living expenses, even final vacations with family or friends.

The majority of critical illness claims are for heart attack, stroke and cancer diagnosis but they also cover other health issues depending on the policy details.

These types of plans allow you to focus on getting well and being with family and friends rather than worrying about making ends meet when you have additional health care costs.