04 February, 2022

Income Planning Doesn’t End in Retirement

Retirement Income Planning Doesn’t End When Retirement Starts

In your working years, the idea of retirement might seem idyllic, but in reality, this phase of life is often filled with many important decisions. Starting to have open conversations about retirement earlier than later is how I supported my client, Audrey, with different transitions in her life. For two decades, Audrey and I have discussed and developed a retirement strategy that would allow her to live life the way she wanted to. Recently we tackled an upcoming significant change that focused on downsizing while still meeting increased living costs. Through careful and strategic shifts, we achieved Audrey’s goal. Read the full story: Retirement Income Planning Doesn’t End When Retirement Starts

Audrey’s Testimonial: “I couldn’t have made this significant change without Midori. I am all settled into my new apartment, and I have peace of mind that I can afford the additional costs that come along with being in a place like this – which means I can enjoy my time here.”